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Real estate holding comprising more than 50 companies

Vítězslav Moravec

CEO and owner


Real estate holding

Company founded



> 40 million EUR


  • Consolidated reporting for over 50 companies, accelerating financial and decision-making processes through digitization

1918 Ventures is a holding consisting of 50+ firms mainly engaged in multiple parts of real estate from trading to technology.

Given the complexity of managing a portfolio of dozens of subsidiary companies, the holding company faced challenges associated with efficient consolidation and management of financial data. The difficulty in obtaining a unified overview led to delays in strategic decision-making, inefficiencies in financial planning, and reservations in financial process management.

The first step was to integrate all companies into Symfio software and set up daily updates to bring the company's accounting data under control. Alongside this, we, together with management, prepared a proposal for the structure of managerial accounting, which was completed and tested over the following months with a view to output that would help streamline strategic decision-making.

After implementing the basic infrastructure, additional members of the finance and executive teams began to be involved in the application, and processes were tailored to them, allowing them to start using all accounting data, especially for controlling. With the successful functioning of the infrastructure, additional companies with different business logics began to be added to the reporting, but thanks to the unified methodology of Symfio, they could be displayed in the same reports.

Finally, which continues to this day, additional customized dashboards are being added to Symfio, allowing for detailed specialized analytics, such as rent collection rates or evaluation of real estate trading profitability.

After a year of collaboration, 1918 Ventures now obtains daily up-to-date detailed analytics with a few clicks, helping it efficiently manage the finances of the entire company. The company saves hundreds of thousands of dollars and several employees each year that would otherwise manage internal or manual solutions.

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