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Development and sale of hardware products

Jan Šimík



Hardware products

Company founded



  • Proper timing of goods purchase with regard to cash flow

Revenues are volatile, Profit is a necessity, cash is king Blindshell Company is among our first clients. We are very grateful to them for the opportunity and trust they have placed in us, as it has helped us improve our services and thus grow. Without this initial trust, it would be very difficult to move forward.

With this case study, we would like to demonstrate that there is no single ideal solution, but even within the life of a company, ideal solutions change, and human activity in assessing the usability of these solutions is irreplaceable.

Most companies, when using financial data for decision-making, are guided by the Profit and Loss Statement (PnL). A positive surprise occurred when we encountered management at Matapo a.s. that primarily relied on cash flow. However, the challenge was the complexity of compiling these reports and their credibility.

After the information gathering phase, we created a model that was easier to adjust and update. However, there were more inputs affecting the resulting cash position than could be obtained from accounting data alone. Thus, we had to combine information from the general ledger, inventory status, and business plan. The entire model thus became more robust.

The next phase was adding automation. The extrapolation method was primarily used (although manual interventions were still preserved). After some time, however, the model required more and more manual interventions, as significant external influences began to affect the company's economy, so it was not possible to rely solely on trends.

The solution was therefore to return the forecasting of cash flow more into human hands and explore other options for incorporating technology. This was successful in data visualization and analysis.

The next step will be the use of a more robust ERP with our reporting, which is currently being implemented together with Matapo a.s. This will simplify forecasting processing.

Thanks to the flexibility our solution provides, the management of Matapo a.s. is able to proactively respond to challenges and opportunities because they know about the expected future well in advance.

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