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Symphonized financial office

Financial reporting, analysis & planning tool with combined value of senior financial manager and senior business intelligence developer

User Leaders we empowered with financial transparency:

Unified data, unmatched clarity

All your data, one transparent view: effortless reporting for any level of financial executives


For executives

Oversight at Every Phase

  • Automated linking of accounting data allows for daily monitoring of company performance.
  • Clear visualization provides a quick overview of the company’s status within seconds.
  • Properly set up processes ensure an up-to-date outlook for the near future.

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Autopilot for your Financial Success

  • Automatic reporting from connected accounting data for a quick overview for you or your investors.
  • A reliable financial management system that will last forever.
  • A simple planning tool focused only on numbers, not formats.

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Financial executives

Data at Your Fingertips

  • Automatic integration of accounting data visualized for quick managerial decision-making.
  • Access to details within a few clicks, elimination of manual reporting and fragmented Excel sheets.
  • Accounting data as the single source of truth in the company.

Sales and operations

Share Wisely, Record Easily

  • A simple overview of invoices for quick identification of errors and deficiencies.
  • Continuously up-to-date data without the need for repeated sending to colleagues.
  • Share only relevant information with the team, minimizing unnecessary sharing.

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Funds and holdings

Virtual Empire of Financial Success

  • Online monitoring of the financial performance of all companies in one place.
  • Allocation of financial resources to value-creating activities, not administration.
  • Constantly available financial results, share only what’s necessary with the right people.

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clicks for always ready and updated financial reporting


person can be saved in your back office team


thousands CZK saved when not implementing custom solution


months earlier strategical decisions

Our clients' voices

Petr Svoboda


Vítězslav Moravec

CEO and owner

Josef Beneš


Petr Dvořák


Jan Šimík


Keep everything in sync

Symfio integrates directly with external data sources — no more manual import/export

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